Companies try to grow their businesses every month! So, how do they do it?

By sharing everything with millions of people looking for business, products, services or inspiration about what to do or buy next. Whether it’s building awareness, driving consideration or growing sales, reach people on BiZZBoard looking for business, products or services like yours!

Bizzboard Ads

How to Launch, Optimize & Scale your Ad Campaign?

The best Ads are visually compelling, tell a good story and make people want to learn more.

Step 1: Create your BiZZBoard profile
First things first: To use BiZZBoard ads you’ll need a business profile. To do this, you have to:

  • Sign up for a new business account.

We’ll automatically create an ad account associated with your business profile.

Step 2: Pick a clear Campaign Goal

Businesses choose to advertise on BiZZBoard for many reasons: To build awareness for their brand, drive consideration of their products or increase their sales both online and offline.

Before starting to work on your campaign, make sure you determine the right direction for your creative and the types of ads you’ll want to run—not to mention, monitor success!

Step 3: Create compelling creative

There are numerous tricks when it comes to creating Ads that people will want to click on.

Keep it brief with our tried-and-true tips below:

  • The ideal ratio for an Ad is 600 pixels wide by 500—or 500 pixels wide by 500 pixels high
  • The ideal ratio for an URL is 950 pixels wide by 300 high
  • 80% of people use BiZZBoard on their cellphones, stop them mid-scroll with eye-catching imagery
  • Clear, straightforward copy performs best
  • Consistency is key, your Ad creative should match that of the landing page you’re sending people to



Bizzboard Ads

Essential Tips for great URLs & Ads

It isn’t hard to submit URLs or make great Ads—just follow a few simple rules.

Use the URL description to add context and reinforce branding
Write a compelling description that tells people more about your brand. It’s helpful to mention your brand name, too. URL descriptions that included a brand name in the first line or included terms like “sign up,” “buy now” or “discover” drive a higher mobile conversion lift. A clear, actionable wording performs better.
Pick an eye-catching image
Use high-quality images that will stand out in people’s feeds. We recommend a 600 x 500 pixels or 500 x 500 pixels ratio for banner ads and/or a 950 x 300 pixels ratio for standard URL submissions. Other ratios may cause your Ads to truncate, or may negatively impact performance.
Include your logo
Put a logo on every Ad you make and/or upload when you submit an URL, but keep it subtle.
Make your brand the focal point
Put your business, product or service front and center. Avoid using abstract images or lifestyle imagery that doesn’t showcase your brand.
Give context
Your Ads should help people understand why your product or idea is the right fit for them. Pick images that show context and bring your topic to life. Clearly show how someone might use your business, product, try your service, etc.
Add text overlay to tell a better story
Text overlay is the copy that goes on your Ad image. It makes your Ads stand out, adds context and enhances your message. Keep text concise so it’s easy for people to read on their phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Ads promoting a special sale or offer drive a higher mobile conversion lift.
Help people visualize your business, product or service in their lives
Make it easy for people to imagine how your business, product or service would fit into their lives. Ads that show a person wearing or using an advertised product drive a higher mobile conversion lift.

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*All performance metrics cited on this page come from our studies with third party measurement partners. The insights represent specific study results, and are not performance guarantees.


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